Thursday, 22 September 2011


The next Squattastic falls on the weekend of the Tory Party Conference.

Some of us squattastickers are planning to go to Manchester, and we'd like to propose that squattastic go regional and head on up. Let's all hang ooop north, and scheme and plot the downfall of the enemy.

Squattastic on Tour!! Squattastic Weekender!
Occupy Manchester & Squattastic Back2Back!
This will be a chance to discuss tactics inter-regionally with some wicked crews, to talk about how the possible ban might affect us all, and how we can actively join forces nationwide. We can work with the okasional cafe, and hopefully see lots of our friends from other cities round the country.

If you think it's a good idea and you fancy coming up, send an email to so we can plan together.
Suggested Schedule
Getting There
There'll be a meeting place on Friday 30th September at Victoria Coach Station, London (time confirmed closer to the day).
Coaches on the site are currently £8 each way, booking in advance will be cheaper.

Trains leave from Euston, they are quick but can be quite expensive, and barriers are quite tight. Is cheaper if you have a railcard.

It is also real possible to hitch from London to the north-west. see more info.

Or if you're thinking of driving, sort out a liftshare by emailing the Squattastic list.

We'll be converging at a secret location in Manchester, and meeting the manchester crew...

Come prepared to take immediate action!

If you can't make it, why not use this weekend to organise a regional meeting in your local area, where people can come down and fill out the consultation. We all need to remember to do it, and it can be more fun if we do it together! Invite your friends round, set up a laptop, and log on to to find the easy consultation response tool and guidance notes.

We will post details of regional meet-ups on the blog as we get word of them, so email if you're up for hosting something in your area, and we'll stick it up!

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