Wednesday, 7 September 2011

ASS of the WORLD!

The Advisory Service for Squatters releases its first newsletter... and wants your help!

The hardworking bunch at the Advisory Service for Squatters have just released their annual report in the form of a newsletter.

Its full of as much information, juicy gossip and as many requests for help that you can fit on two sides of A4!

have a look here!

There are articles on the consultation papers, undercover infiltrators and the ASS's opinion on an ex-member's new anti-squat company.

They are also asking for help! ASS currently need volunteers for office shifts, volunteers for tasks outside the office and CASH!!!

If you can help with:

volunteering to do some time in the office
putting on a benefit gig/cafe/cinema etc
translation (documents to print or communications)

...or in any other way you can think of then drop us a line at

Please distribute!!

Final for printing (3MB)

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