Monday, 16 April 2012

6 arrests after Bristol squat march

From Bristol Indymedia (modified for accuracy):

6 people arrested after squat march ended at tesco on stokes croft (to wish them happy birthday). around 50-60 protesters went around town with a sound system chanting anti-bayliff and pro-squat chants visiting broadmead, the galleries, cabot circus (where security failed to stop a banner drop) and also the magistrates court where a banner was hung from the top of the gates. after arriving at tesco around half 3 police moved people off the road (as tescos shut up shop) before announcing a section 14 would be in place by 4pm. didn't see the arrests but 6 people nicked as cops wouldn't say what for or where they were going. could someone post up info when they have it please.

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