Wednesday, 5 October 2011


from Hackney Anarchist Group...

Housing is a major issue for all of us. Times are hard for people to put a roof over their heads, whether they are tenants, squatters or even mortgage buyers!
The national and local governments have shown their true ugly faces by threatening to evict families in which a member had been arrested during the recent riots. As if making council tenants homeless was a solution to anything… This was the quickest reaction ever from a council regarding housing, shame it was to evict people!
We say that everyone deserves a home, and a decent one!
When people are being threatened or actually evicted from their home, we should all react, resist and show solidarity in anyway we can. Evictions have to stop!
The idea is very simple: we are inviting you to create a network of people/groups that will be able to mobilise quickly in the event of anyone being evicted from their home in Hackney, whatever their housing situation is (council flat, housing association, squat, hotel, private…).
The meeting will be held on Saturday 15th of October, 2pm at Passing Clouds, 1 Richmond road, London E8 4AA(Dalston junction, Haggerston).
Let’s get together, discuss where we’re at in our local struggles and build a structure that will allow us to communicate efficiently so we can stop bailiffs and police from putting people on the streets!
The proposed meeting structure will be:
- a first part (one hour) where people/representative of groups will give a brief account of what they’re doing and updates on housing in hackney.
- a second part (one hour) for all of us to discuss the practicalities of creating an anti-eviction network.
We are hoping that this will be a good tool to fight back for ourselves and our homes.
HAG is also organising a public meeting/information night about Housing on the 25th of October 7pm. Please contact us if you would like to speak about Housing in hackney on the day, any contribution is welcome.
Thank you and hope to see you all! Please forward to any group/person you think would be interested.

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