Sunday, 3 July 2011

Resist the evictions at Clifton Mansions: Tuesday 12th July

Clifton Mansions on Coldharbour Lane is a community of squatters in the heart
of Brixton.  Squatted since the 1990s, the 22 flats are home to a large and
diverse group of people.  The residents have repaired and maintained the
properties after Lambeth Council left them empty and neglected.  Clustered
around a central courtyard Clifton Mansions is a safe and vibrant community
where violence and abuse are not tolerated.

On Tuesday 12 July 2011 the police plan to block off Coldharbour Lane and
enforce the eviction of all the people living in Clifton Mansions.  Making the
astonishing claim that evicting Clifton Mansions will somehow solve the problem
of drug crime in Brixton, the police failed to consult with local councillors
before pushing ahead with this plan.  Clifton Mansions residents have received
only two weeks notice that they are to be evicted from their homes.

Following the evictions, Lambeth Council will pay Camelot, a private company,
to provide “live-in guardians” to occupy Clifton Mansions.    The squatters
have been providing a free guardian service for years.    Why make people
homeless and then pay a multinational company to occupy their homes?

Eventually Lambeth wants to sell Clifton Mansions to property developers,
further reducing Lambeth's social housing stock in central Brixton.  Clifton
Mansions will be turned into luxury flats priced well beyond the means of the
local community.

Please contact the council and the police to let them know what you think.

Show your support on eviction day:

12 July – 8am – Clifton Mansions – 429 Coldharbour Lane

or come earlier (eg the night before) if you wanna be inside the mansions not just on the street outside....

They're closing the street so let's have a party!

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  1. Government to think up the rights and break it themself. LAWLESSNESS !